Hunt or be Hunted – The thrill of the pedestrian

A person walking encounters a million different variables each time they decide to embark on a slight journey through the city. Each variable holding something unique to the journey.

A pedestrian, someone who is travelling by foot, once used to undertake a journey in such a way to Hunt or find new land, the primitive state of the pedestrian. The thrill was to catch prey, to supply, to survive. Has much changed?


I took a stroll along with two friends down Kaohsan Road, Bangkok, Thailand. Open minds and excitement in our hearts as we left the air conditioned lobby of our hotel.

Immediately confronted by suit tailors, drink vendors and clothing merchants, we realized that we were no longer an ordinary pedestrian as we were back home. We were their prey. Three Irish students strolling a busy unknown territory, easy pickings.

Hunt or be Hunted. The thrill of the pedestrian has changed utterly, but non the less, the thrill remains. The unknown territory, the people, the variables.

We have somehow developed a new shield that protects us from these many unusual variables and from being hunted, it’s called the mobile phone..

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